We love  our Golden Retrievers and are thrilled that you are interested in adding a little furry friend to your family! Our passion is sharing the love and joy that a happy, healthy Golden Retriever puppy brings to a likewise loving family.

I am a small hobby enthusiast dedicated to the continuous improvement of the breed. I enjoy working with my dogs and their loyal companionship. My dogs live in my home where I am able to get to know each of their wonderful personalities.

We breed Golden Retrievers that have the potential to be emotional support and therapy dogs. Our Goldens are not just beautiful, they are extremely smart and easily trained – and very affectionate!. Some of our Golden pups have become service dogs, and we’ve also had some go on to be fire and rescue dogs. We’ve even had one  work inside the jail with our local Sheriff’s Deputy we are Very very Proud furparents!!



Red oak ridge goldens pups are raised in a loving family environment and are fully socialized. We provide plenty of room for our dogs and puppies to romp and interact with them on a daily basis.

We are genuine dog lovers and are selective about the homes our puppies go into. We hope that the love and care we show our dogs and puppies will make them happy, healthy and lovable additions to your family too.


We want to help make your Golden dreams come true.